This Is Not a Dragon. 2

It's a golem.

Few months ago I made a practice with the main objective of getting better with my lines and workflow overall. I kinda succeeded then so I recently wanted to go back to the style and bring another idea of the kind.

I wanted to do a decaying mud-dragon-ish-thingy. Some sort of "badly summoned creature". So I decided to make the artifacts that keep it alive visible and unprotected. I mostly wanted to experiment with colors in this one, since clay is generally pretty monochromatic. The consistency and texture in general was sort of a challenge and this was really fun since I love making fluids and SSS painting.

Anyway, I may be doing more of this series, they are super fun to do!

Nicolas morales 64 finished
Nicolas morales 64 lines

first idea was my favorite since I wanted to make this creature with a very visible "I wanna die"-feeling creature. But I guess it was too much.