Robert - The wonderful

After a lot lot of time away of the night watch in the Youtube neighborhood, I decided to come back to the Making-Mideos-of-the-Process's thing!

This is a bizarre concept I did just for fun and practice and I hope you enjoy it!

It passed years now already, but here we are! I'm sharing with you the whole process video. Hop you like it! It s a little bit sharp and without information at all of the step by step... but I'm actually interested in making a Patreon uploading large explanation and theory behind the whole painting and drawing process. In fact, if you feel this is from your interest, and you would like to participate on it... feel more than welcome to tell me, maybe it would encourage me to finally do it !!

Total time: Little bit more than 7 hours shared in several different days. Been busy here!

Cheers and have a great day!

Nicolas morales happy gladiator funny final big

Digital Painting Process - Season 1 - Robert The Wonderful

Nicolas morales happy soul 5

Happy soul - 1 - Closeup

Nicolas morales happy souls

Happy souls - 2 to 5 - Closeup