Fake Applibot's Fallen Agent

About the step by step:
I made some sketched thumbnails for approaching the idea. The whole illustration was based on very specific and simple ideas:

*It has to be futuristic.
*It has to be clean.
*It has to be colorful.
*It has to be dinamic.
*Main Character has to be the most important.

So, based on this I already had an idea into my mind about how could the pallete be. Therefore I started the lineart with a first approach using as a base the thumbnail made in first place.
Once the composition started to work for my eyes I started to paint it until I finished the painting process.
As final rendering I added many layers of hue, value, saturation corrections and a BIG change of whole painting color balance. Also added many flares, exaggerated the scattering and added tons of motion blur for helping the dynamic feeling of free-fall.

Total rendering time:
About seventeen hours from digital lineart to digital painting.

Software used: Photoshop.

References used for birds.